Random Stuff

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– I still can’t get over Thursday night’s Red Sox game! The Sox are still alive. I wish I could be there on Saturday night. If the Sox win on Saturday, I may try to talk Carey into driving to St. Pete for game 7.

– Someone gave me 2 tickets to John McCain’s rally at FIU in Miami today. Couldn’t go. Too much to do.

– Reading “Speak like Churchill, Stand like Lincoln”. It’s a good read.

– My church planters tele-coaching network is starting to fill up! I’m totally blown away by the response. If you’re interested in participating, here’s the link.

– If you’re in the Tampa area, Nelson Searcy and I are going to be leading a brand new seminar on Small Groups on November 20th. I would highly encourage you to be part of it if you’re interested to getting 100% participation in small groups. I’ll post the link when it goes up.

– Our whole church is reading through the New Testament in 63 days. I’m doing it as well and it has been amazing! I’ve read the NT plenty of times, but I’ve never read it this quickly. I’m excited about the work God is doing in me.