Radically Increase the Number of Volunteers in your church!

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Serving pic When we started Calvary Fellowship, we had no staff, no building and no money.  I don't believe you need any of those things to see a church flourish.  What you do need is a committed group of people who love God and will do whatever it takes to fulfill the Great Commission. I'm blessed to say that 50% of our church is involved in ministry in some capacity in our church.  

So I went into the studio and recorded the 25 most important things we've done that has helped us see 50% of our church involved in ministry. The result is a 70-minute resource called, "Serving Strategies". Here's what this resource includes: 

– Learn how to overcome the objections people have to serving
– Discover people’s gifts so they are serving in the rights area
– Create a pace that will prevent volunteer burnout
– Speak the language that causes potential volunteers to say yes
– Create opportunities for people to serve at every level of your church 
– Gain the confidence to ask people to serve without begging  
– Plus Much More!
This resource normally retails for $19.97, but because we know churches need to increase their volunteer numbers, Serving strategies is on sale for $14.97!  Because of this sale, that means the mp3 download of this resource is only $9.97! 

I believe this resource can really help you radically increase the number of volunteers in your church.  In this new economy, we need to mobilize more people and increase our volunteer base (without hiring more staff) to accomplish greater ministry.