Quick Hits

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– Looking forward to our staff Christmas dinner tonight

– If you haven't read "The Year of Living Biblically" by A.J. Jacobs, you're missing out on one hilarious and insightful book. 

– It's hard to eat healthy during the holidays. 

– I'm in goal setting mode right now. So expect some reflective posts over the next week.

– I'm almost out of copies of Zero to Sixty. Our "You pay the shipping, we'll send the book for free" promotion is bringing out the bargain shopper in many people. 

– I didn't read anything last week except for the Gospels. It was really refreshing. 

– I think next year I'm going to do less book reading and more aggressive Bible reading. 

– If you follow me on Twitter, then you know I've been tweeting a lot of Jim Rohn quotes. Jim died this week. He was a speaker that gets classified under the motivational title, but he was much more than that. 

– He was very influential in John Maxwell's life. His teachings and philosophies were very influential in my life as well.  He spoke mainly to business leaders, but he simply taught them the principles found in the Bible. He was a serious follow of Jesus and will be missed.  

– Here's what I've been thinking about recently: Everything you write on the web is there forever. It's making me rethink what I write and how I word things. I don't want to write something that I regret later (some of that is inevitable. Some is avoidable.)

– The new John Mayer album is just OK. The Daughtry album is amazing. We're living in weird musical times ­čÖé