Quick Hits..

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– I had a great time hanging with about 20 Pastors in Tampa at a coaching network! Got to teach on Assimilation, which is something I’m really passionate about. Helping people take next steps is what our church is all about!

I broke my GPS today on the way home from Tampa 🙁 It fell off the dashboard and hit something and cracked! The problem: I’m going to be in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York in the next 6 days and I need it. So I bought a new one tonight. Frustrating!

– Stopped in Barnes and Noble tonight to pick up a book for my trip. Walked out empty-handed. I had read everything in the business best seller section. The Christian section looked weak, and I didn’t have time to comb the store looking for my next book. I have a couple of books at home I haven’t read, but I was hoping to get something exciting to take with me. (By the way, having a book that I want to read more than the one I’m currently reading helps me read faster)

– I’m looking forward to seeing my brother and sister while I’m in Boston.

– I’m hoping to catch a Red Sox game on Tuesday. Pray I can get tickets that won’t cause me to have to sell my car to pay for them. If you aren’t aware, the Red Sox have sold out every game for over 3 years. Tickets aren’t easy to come by.

– I don’t like the new Coldplay album. I can’t get into it. It’s depressing. After listening to it, it made me wonder if life was worth living at all 🙂

– I’m looking forward to stocking up on my Red Sox and Celtics gear! It’s my yearly pilgrimage to Bob’s Stores (no relation), who carry the best t-shirts, jerseys, shorts, hats, and pajamas (yes, I have Red Sox pajamas – don’t you?).

– We’ve got a whole pile of church leaders coming to our Assimilation seminar in Hartford on Friday. If you remember, pray for me.