Quick Hits

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– Today I turned 36. I've been pretty low key about it. I'm not really sure how I feel about being in my late 30's. 

– My daughter saw cards this morning and decided it was her birthday 🙂

– My staff were all in my office waiting for me when I got to the office to surprise me. I don't know how I'm going to get balloons that big home :) 

– I should have taken the day off, but instead I'm locked away in my office up to my eyeballs in stuff to do

– Can't wait for session 3 of my coaching network tomorrow! Talking about staffing. I hope 2 hours is enough time :) 

– By the way, when they say your body changes in your mid-30's… it's true. 

– Looking forward to my date with Carey on Friday night. 

– Can't wait for Sunday. Teaching on Proverbs 31. Don't know how I'm going to teach this message without crying. I couldn't even finish writing it without crying 🙂

– It looks like my prediction of the Phillies repeating is one step closer to happening. Yes, I'm a prophet 🙂

– I've gotten a bunch of DM's on Twitter and emails about how this resource has blessed leaders. Thanks for the encouragement guys!

– Vacation is 2 weeks away. I keep telling myself that. 

– Huge announcement for our volunteers on Sunday afternoon at our appreciation picnic. 

– Huge announcement for the whole church on Nov. 1st, which is going to be a great Sunday! 

– OK, I'm getting back to work!