Q and A: New Believer Follow Up

Bob FranquizChurch

I get questions about new believer follow up regularly, but today I want to highlight one thing that you must do if you're going to have a successful follow up system for new believers: Get their information. This is a non-negotiable. If you don't collect information, you can't do any follow up. 

Also, the chances of that person who just made a decision to follow Jesus falling through the cracks is more likely. There are several ways to collect information and several strategies that I talk about in the New Believer resource for collecting their information and using it to help them take a next step. 

But if you don't collect contact information, you can't develop a system for follow up. So that's where churches must begin.


For learn more about how to create a system for following up with new believers, check out our resource, "The New Believer Follow Up System" by clicking here.

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