Q and A: Maximizing Google

Bob FranquizChurch

I regularly get emails about how to maximize Google adwords. So I thought I'd share a few thoughts here because this is a question that comes up regularly. Plus, with Easter around the corner, this will be helpful to a lot of Pastors. 

1. The key is to test a lot of adwords. It doesn't cost you anything to add more adwords (unless people start clicking, but then again, that's the point)

2. Track results – Google does a good job of this for you, but the key is to stay on it and check to see how well your adwords are performing.

3. Narrow your focus – I google "church" and churches from all over the United States come up. If I clicked on their link, they'd think they're adwords were working, but they aren't. Trying to get a guy from Miami (me) to click on your add for a church in Wyoming is a waste of resources. 

Instead, narrow your focus to your local area so you eliminate everyone outside your region that isn't likely of attending. 

4. Avoid generic terms – The more specific your terms, the lower your cost per click. So while "church" may be generic, "church in (add your zip code)" may cost pennies and bring you much better results.  

For much more information and strategies on how to use Google and other outreach opportunities, check out our resource, "21st Century Outreach Strategies" by clicking here.