Q and A: How do You get Your Direct Mail Results?

Bob FranquizChurch

This question shows up in my inbox every week. That's why I have 2 resources that deal with how we do direct mail AND I lead a coaching network that focuses solely on outreach and promotion. 

Having said that, here's 5 things you must know if you're going to get great direct mail results: 

#1 – You must know who you're trying to reach – most churches have no idea who they're best equipped to reach

#2 – You must know what you're going to say to them – Most churches are not connecting their copy with the recipients of their direct mail.

#3 – You must know why you're reaching out – direct mail that doesn't give a call to action doesn't make any impact.

#4 – You must know who you're not equipped to reach – we're not good at reaching everyone. Focus on who you're best equipped to reach.

#5 – You must get their attention with your copy AND your design – everyone thinks they can do this; few actually can.

I've got over 6 hours of teaching of direct mail available in this resource and this resource. If you're planning on doing direct mail this Easter, I strongly recommend you pick them up.