Q and A: How Do You Enforce Regular Church Attendance?

Bob FranquizChurch

I got this question recently and here's how I answered it: 

"I think I understand the heart of your question, but I would rephrase it to: How can I raise the commitment level at my church? 

The truth is, when we have to enforce church attendance, we're in trouble. Having said that, I believe that a strong Membership system should outline what it means to be committed at your church. 

When you don't have a membership system that outlines what commitment means, people decide that for themselves. If they think attending once a month means their committed, that's what they'll do. If they think giving $20 a year (when they're able to give much more due to God's blessing) is commitment, that's what they'll do.  

The point is: people have freewill and can decide to attend whenever they want. However, if they want to be involved or lead in some way, that's when a strong membership system becomes a great ally for you as a Pastor. 

My recommendation is to set the commitment bar high. If they don't want to commit in the beginning, they won't commit is you set the bar low."  

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