Q and A: How do you create “Mini-Easters” Throughout the year?

Bob FranquizChurch

"Mini-Easters" is a phrase that I use to talk about big Sundays that churches can have throughout the year. They happen when the church has an event that the entire congregation can rally around and invite friends to. 

I teach guys is my coaching network that they can have 8-10 "Mini-Easters" throughout the year. Here's a 3 ways to do that: 

#1 – Build on Sundays that are naturally higher than regular Sundays – The Sunday after President's Day. The Sunday before School lets out. 2 Sundays after Labor Day. Time change Sunday in November. All of these days are higher than normal. With some effort, they can be huge. 

#2 – Create your own holidays – I have a friend that has his highest attendance of the year in June. Why? It's their church anniversary. The Sunday after MLK Sunday is huge for us. Why? It a Sunday that we've always brought in a national speaker. It's sort of a tradition for us. It also sets up our mini-Easter in February. The point is, you can think of holidays that your church can celebrate and boost attendance. 

#3 – Do your special events on Sunday – I am not a fan of Easter egg hunts the day before Easter. Why? It impacts your ability to promote Easter. Plus, unchurched people will choose one or the other. So do your special events around your Sunday services and you'll see that boost your attendance. 

For more information about how to create Mini-Easters that reach people far from God, check out our resource, "How to Make Every Sunday Like Easter" by clicking here.