Q and A: Boards

Bob FranquizChurch

This question came up recently, and it's one that I get a lot from church planters, so I thought I'd post my answer here: 

"Do you use Roberts' Rules of Order in your board meetings?" 

Great question, and the answer is yes. We use Roberts' rules to run our board meetings. While this may seem corporate or stuffy to some, it's a very effective way to have a meeting and get through agenda items effectively.  

If you're unaware of what Roberts' Rules are, it's saying things like, "All in favor" and making motions and seconding those motions to pass agenda items.  

I've served on ten church boards over the last decade and those that have used Roberts' Rules functioned much better than those which did not.  

For more information on conducting board meeting, selecting board members and bylaws, check out our Laying the Foundation resource by clicking here