Q & A: How Does a Board of Directors Work with a Staff-Led Church?

Bob FranquizChurch

At Calvary Fellowship, we operate from the position that God calls a man (The Senior Pastor) to lead the church under the Holy Spirit's direction.  As we see with Moses leading the people from Egypt to the land of promise, he was the leader as he followed where God was leading.  

Because the Senior Pastor can't do it all, Assistant Pastors and other leaders are raised up to help carry the load of ministry.  Getting to the question at hand, the board of directors at Calvary Fellowship consists of outside pastors who assist me in making the organizational and financial decisions that need to be made.  

That would involve things like:
– Approving the annual budget
– Purchasing property
– Finding a new Senior Pastor should something happen to me

So the board deals with the big financial decisions and the staff take care of the ministry and the day to day administration. 

By the way, I have an entire resource on establishing a Board of Directors that includes the qualities you're looking for in a board member, the 21 most common questions about a board, and a copy of the  bylaws that we use at Calvary Fellowship. You can pick up that resource here.