Preparing for the Baby

Bob FranquizChurch

As a dad, I spent countless hours getting the rooms ready for my kids. I spent all kinds of money getting the best furniture for their rooms. 

The key is that I didn't wait until they got here to get prepared. Instead, I was ready before they got here. 

Spiritually, the same principle applies. We need to be ready for the new believers who decide to follow Jesus in our churches. 

That means having the materials we want to give them and a process to maturity.  

In the last 2 years we've seen over 1,000 new believers decide to follow Jesus at Calvary Fellowship. Many of them have been baptized and are growing to maturity. 

But it doesn't happen by accident. It happens when we're intentional.  

If you want our step by step process for following up and discipling new believers, check out our New Believer Follow Up System by clicking here