Preaching Thoughts (Part 1)

Bob FranquizTeaching

The difference between a good message and a great one is the transitions. When you’re driving in a car, what makes for a smooth car ride is how well the driver makes his turns. The same is true in teaching. Your transitions are the turns you take to get to your destination (assuming you have one of course ­čÖé

The masters of transitions are sportscasters. If you watch Sportscenter (as any self-respecting man does), notice how they transition seamlessly from sport to sport using great transitional phrases, stories, and parallels to move us without leaving us behind or confused.

They’ll say things like:

“From pumping iron to the gridiron”

“The Patriots aren’t the only Boston team experiencing success this season. The Celtics…”

“From first place in the east to the last place in the west”

I think you get the point. These guys work hard to take you on a journey, share with you the scores and stats you want to know, and leave you informed.

If they care so much about sharing highlights, I need to be doubly concerned about sharing the Gospel and teaching the Scriptures.