Post Easter Follow Up

Bob FranquizGeneral

When each of my 3 kids were born, I was frantically making sure our home was ready for their arrival.

I was painting rooms in the middle of the night.I had carpenters installing shelving and rails on the walls.We had furniture picked out and assembled just for them.

It’s what every dad expecting a child does to get ready.

But imagine another scenario with me.

It sounds almost unbelievable, but it’s true all too often.  A couple knows a baby is coming and they do nothing to prepare for his or her arrival.  In fact, they’re a little caught off guard by this child showing up in their home.

This is the story of many churches.

They have a big outreach day like Easter where they preach the Gospel and pray for new believers to be added, but they never take the time to prepare.

So there’s no materials ready.

No follow up strategy.

No process for these new believers to grow.


In addition to giving people a Bible I decided a couple of years ago that I wanted to buy a simple book for new believers — one that would establish them in the faith and help them in their first few steps.

I found nothing.


That’s when someone on my staff said, “Pastor Bob, you should write a book for new believers.”  I accepted the challenge and the result is my book, “Begin: First Steps for the Journey of Faith”.

If you’re church is blessed like ours you saw a lot of people commit or recommit their lives to Jesus this weekend.  My advice is to give them some direction with a book like Begin.

Right now you can get a case of them for just $99.