Portable Church Forum in Orlando

Bob FranquizChurch

The day I posted about canceling our Momentum conference, I was contacted by the guys from the National New Church Conference about hosting our roundtable discussion in Orlando as a pre-conference intensive. So that’s what we’re doing.

On April 23-24, I’ll be leading a pre-conference intensive on the subject of portable churches. I am planning on sharing everything we were going to share at the conference into this time slot. So bring a notebook and be ready to write. We’re also going to be giving out a copy of my book to every attender, as well as a CD with all of our signs, bulletins, and anything else we use in a format that you can manipulate and use in your church.

I’m terrible about promoting my own stuff, but I will say that this is something that if you’re a church planter or working in a church that meets in a portable facility, seriously consider coming to this. The price is nominal ($49) and who can say no to Orlando? The link is here.

By the way, they have an amazing line-up scheduled (Hybels, Cordeiro, Driscoll, Keller and a bunch more).