Podcast Subscriptions

Bob FranquizTeaching

Since we started podcasting a couple of weeks ago, I’ve expanded my podcast subscriptions.  But I’d like to know who’s podcasts you’re subscribed to and listening to.  Maybe you can uncover a gem that some of us haven’t heard yet. 

Here’s who I’m subscribed to:

Myself (Yes, I’m that vain)
Bob Coy (Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale)
Erwin McManus (Mosaic)
Mark Driscoll (Mars Hill Seattle)
Rick McKinley (Imago Dei)
Damian Kyle (Calvary Chapel Modesto)
Chuck Smith (Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa)
Greg Laurie (Harvest Christian Fellowship)
Ed Young (Fellowship Church)
Tony Morgan (Simply Strategic Show)
Wayne Cordiero (New Hope Hawaii)
Baseball Prospectus Radio

So what’s your list?