Playing Hooky – Part 1

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Bigpink_1Well, I’m beginning to think my face is going to appear on the back of a milk carton since I’ve been gone for 2 weeks from the pulpit (not that I use a pulpit).  Last Sunday I had the privilege of teaching at another church, but this Sunday Carey and I decided to actually take a Sunday off. Some might think we’ve been off for the last 2 weeks, but we really only took 3 days off.  So we decided to go to South Beach and enjoy a Sunday alone.  It was great.  We figured we’d tell you about it (Carey will have the second installment on her blog).  Our morning got started at the Big Pink Restaurant on Miami Beach.  This place is great.  If you like French Toast, this is the place!  You’ll see a great picture of Carey in front of the restaurant.  We ate and talked as classic songs like "Take on me" by A-ha and "Don’t you forget about me" by Simple Minds filled the airwaves.  Then we left the restaurant, put a few more quarters in the meter and…well, I’ll let Carey tell you the next part of the story… Read part 2 here