Planning to grow as a Leader in 2010?

Bob FranquizUncategorized

Most leaders say they want to grow, but few get in the kinds of environments that spur on leadership growth.  

That's why I'm starting a new coaching network in February of 2010. I limit my groups to 12 Senior Pastors, so if you're interested in growing in the following areas: 

1. Your own personal development

2. Your follow up systems (new believers, stewardship, etc…)

3. Hiring and leading staff

4. Creating an evangelistic culture

5. Developing leaders within your church

6. Strategies for greater outreach

If you want to grow in these areas, I'd invite you to apply for my new coaching network that begins in February, 2010 (That's less than 100 days from now – wow!)

The application for the network can be found here

P.S. As part of the network, you also receive over $500 in resources and a bunch of other perks (I'd be spoiling it if I told you everything ­čÖé