Pastors’ Getaway

Bob FranquizChurch

We did a Pastors’ getaway today where myself and our Pastors did some strategic planning for 2007. I find these things hard to plan and very fulfilling once we get there. These meetings become the steering wheel for our church. It’s where we have some heated discussions but we walk out more united than ever.

I’m amazed by the people that I get to serve with who share the same heart I do. We made some pretty big decisions today. We made some small decisions that I’m pretty excited about. Like this one: I’m not going to run our staff meetings anymore. Why? Because I’m not any good at it. I like creating, not managing. I have a tendency to get us off track. How a conversation about lost people turns into a conversation about “Lost” is easier than you might imagine. So John, one of our Pastors, is going to lead our staff meetings, which will free me up to participate and pipe in when necessary. It’s a nice feeling to be freed up to do what I’m gifted to do. I get to share the vision and the strategists will implement it. Everybody’s happy!