Pastor’s Conference Update

Bob FranquizChurch

We’re having a great time at the conference.  It feels like a high school reunion.  Seeing people that I haven’t seen in years has been great.  I’ve been able to see former students of mine at the Bible College I was a part of and that’s been amazing.  The conference has been great so far.  The best one we’ve had in a long time. I got to be part of a panel discussion today that was a bit wierd for me. I was sitting on the stage next to Chuck Smith, Bob Coy, Don McClure, Danny Hodges and Gayle Erwin.  These guys have forgotten more about ministry than I’ll ever know.  People asked how I felt about being up there.  I said, "I felt unnecessary."  But what a thrill to be part of it.  Mark took a picture of it that I’ll post later (I don’t think the picture is exciting to anyone but me, but hey, it’s my blog!). 

If you’re interested, the conference is being broadcast over the internet at Calvary Fort Laurderdale’s website.  So if you’ve got nothing to do at 10:30AM, that’s when my session starts. 

I’ll let you know how it goes…