Pastors Make the Best Authors

Bob FranquizBooks

I have this theory… Pastors make the best authors.

I know there are many great authors who don’t fill a pulpit each week, but so many of my favorite authors are primarily pastors and bible teachers. There are several reasons for this, but I want to highlight 3 reasons pastors make great authors:

#1 – Pastors are working with an Abundance of Material – Think about it, when a pastor decides to write a book on parenting or marriage or some other topic, it’s usually filled with wisdom. Simply because he has been communicating on this topic for years. If you’re a pastor, think about how many sermons you’ve preached on marriage? Dozens, I’d guess. So imagine distilling your 10-12 best sermons into a book on marriage. It would probably be the definitive book on the subject.

#2 – Pastors are Researching Machines – Think about how much research and preparation time goes into crafting one sermon. The average Pastor I know is spending anywhere from 12-20 hours studying for Sunday. Multiply this over the course of years and you’ll agree that the average Pastor has researched many topics more than the average writer.

#3 – They are used to communicating ideas – Any pastor worth his salt knows how to turn a phrase, build suspense, and manage tension in a given sermon. These elements are the bedrock of good writing. Pastors know how to illustrate principles, apply concepts, and utilize humor when communicating. These attributes are what separate average communicators from great communicators.

Most pastors have a book “in them” and want to write a book someday. So why not start the process and turn that dream into a reality?

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