Pastor, so you say, “I’m not an evangelist!”

Bob FranquizGeneral

I am amazed that God has allowed Calvary Fellowship to be much an evangelistic church that reaches primarily unchurched people.

The reason I’m so amazed is because I’m not an evangelist.  I’m a Bible teacher. That’s my sweet spot. Teaching through books of the Bible and feeding God’s people.

While that’s my primary gifting, my passion is to see lost people found. Nothing gives me greater joy than to see a lost person give their life to Jesus and start growing in their faith.

I know a lot of Pastors who aren’t evangelists in gifting and that’s their “pass” for not being intentionally evangelistic in their services. Can I be honest? I think it’s a cop out.

Even if you aren’t an evangelist, we still have to “do the work of an evangelist.”

I’ve been reflecting on this because it’s been 15 years since my wife and I with 5 other people gathered in a living room for a bible study that later became Calvary Fellowship. We didn’t reach anyone in those first 18 months because “I wasn’t an evangelist”. Then I woke up to the fact that God wanted to use our church to reach lost people if I would simply get over myself and the result has been that over 3,000 people in the last 4 years have come to know Jesus at Calvary.

One of the reasons churches stay small is because of the Pastor’s mindset. He says he isn’t an evangelist and the rest of the church follows suit. Then when they decide to do some kind of promotion or outreach, it isn’t well thought out and the results are poor.

My first challenge to you is to begin believing that God has called you to reach your community and that He will equip you to do just that.  Moses didn’t think himself equipped to lead but God’s call was more important than how he viewed himself.  So believe in God’s call.

The second challenge is to begin planning some serious promotion for Easter.  Plan for success and expect it. Go above and beyond what you normally do to reach your community.  Plan a targeted mailer.  Set up a facebook ad.  Dig in and make it happen.

I’ve written a short ebook to help you avoid the most common Easter outreach mistakes.

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