Outreach Ninja Fan Page

Bob FranquizChurch

If you haven’t heard, we just launched a Facebook page for Outreach Ninja!

Here’s the great thing about it: you can grab a copy of my new “4 Keys to effective Online and Offline Outreach” special report just for “liking” our page.

Plus, we’re going to do some free giveaways on the page. So click here and like the page and welcome to the fan page for the “Bacon” of outreach*.


 * We call Outreach Ninja the bacon of outreach because just like bacon makes everything better, we make your outreach better 🙂

P.S. We’re going to do a contest in the next couple of weeks where we’re going to give away a bunch of churchstrategies.com resources. But you’ve got to be “in it to win it”.