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Chris Daughtry gone! Are you kidding me? I’m sorry, but Chris had the goods. I think this dude can sell records.

Once again, I refer to several comments that I have made: America doesn’t know anything about music!

We live in a country where people think P. Diddy is a musical artist. America, it’s time to “Just say no” to the crack you’re smoking!

I loved this guy’s passion, the fact that he was a family man who wanted to do right by his wife and kids. This is the American dream. My only comfort is that he’s still going to get a record deal and have a career.

Also, what was up with Ryan’s cold delivery of the bad news? It was the old “Say what you mean and say it mean!” I’d hate to get bad news from that guy!

I refer to the immortal words of AC/DC: “Rock and Roll ain’t noise pollution, Rock and Roll ain’t gonna die!”

Plus, I’m mad because my wife is sad. She really wanted him to win strong>!

Franquiz out!