Our Story: From Zero to Many…

Bob FranquizChurch

During the 1st 18 months of planting Calvary Fellowship, we did not see 1 person decide to follow Jesus at our church.  There were a few re-dedications, but no 1st time decisions.  This led to a bit of a personal crisis because I've always believed that evangelism and discipleship and the name of the game (so to speak).  

What God did during this time was show me the importance of reaching out and the need to have a process of discipleship should God send new believers to our church.  Here's what happened: The 1st 18 months zero people decided to follow Jesus… over the last 18 months over 800 people have made 1st time decisions to follow Jesus in our church.  This has led to the majority of our growth as a church coming from new believers. It has also meant the need for us to develop a system and strategy to help new believers mature in their faith.  

Here's the truth: There wasn't much out there to help churches create a system that teaches them what to do once a person indicates their decision to trust Christ for salvation and help them on a path to maturity.  

That's why at www.church-strategies.com we just released ourNew Believers Follow Up System. I am so excited about this resource because it gives leaders everything they need to help a new believer NOT fall through the cracks, but instead take steps that lead to maturity.  

I mentioned this resource to a small group of Pastors and weliterally sold out of our 1st run of this resource!  It shows me that the need is great and that Pastors don't want to see one more person making a decision for Jesus not become a disciple of Jesus.  

You can pick up this resource by clicking here and we'll get it to you ASAP.  

I so believe that this resource will help the new believers in your church that I will make this guarantee to you: pick up the resource and listen to it.  If you feel this resource isn't helpful to you and your church, we will refund 100% of your investment.  That's how strongly I feel about this resource.

Lots of people made decisions to follow Jesus on Easter.  Use every resource at your disposal to not allow them to fall through the cracks. You can pick up the New Believers Follow up System by clicking here.