Our Most Important Stewardship

Bob FranquizChurch

Most of us think of money when we hear the term stewardship. But stewardship applies to all areas of life and ministry.  I believe that everything changes when we realize that our greatest stewardship is the stewardship of people; specifically, the stewardship of new believers that God adds to the church.


Too often, God brings people to a church and because there's no system or intentionality to follow with those who take significant steps of faith, they fall through the cracks. We need to work hard to make sure no one falls through the cracks. To accomplish this goal it requires a system of follow up that allows new believers to take logical next steps.


So here's where we need to start if we're going to take the stewardship of people seriously: we need to decide to take the stewardship of people seriously. From there we need to develop a system to accomplish our goal. 

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