Orphan Annie’s Outreach Strategy

Bob FranquizGeneral

I once attended a Middle School production of “Annie.”

My nephew was starring in the play, so our whole family was there.

We take our kids to professional productions a couple of times a year and usually they are lots of fun and the quality is top notch.

While my nephew did a great job acting, something really drove me crazy about this presentation…

They couldn’t get the set changes to happen in an orderly fashion, so all of the breaks in the story were longer than the stories themselves.

It was a 2 hour show that should have taken 45 minutes.

That’s the difference between good performances and mediocre ones.

It’s also the difference between great outreach and evangelism that misses the moment.

There are rhythms to church life and those of us who understand those rhythms experience the blessing of reaching more people when we leverage the seasons correctly.

Too many churches don’t know when to strike evangelistically in their community and they miss perfect moments to reach a lot of people.

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