Only 3 Spots Left

Bob FranquizUncategorized

Just wanted to let you know that I only have 3 spots left for my new coaching network that starts on August 27th.  Remember, this is a tele-coaching network so there's no travel, hotel, rental car, or night away from our family.  

Here's what we're going to cover in this network: 

Session One: The Personal Development of the Senior Pastor 
Session Two: Church Governance 

Session Three: Developing Other Leaders 
Session Four: Building an Effective Staff 
Session Five: Preaching for Life Change 
Session Six: Advanced Outreach Strategies

On top of the coaching sessions, every member of the network receives over $500 in resources!  

I've coached close to 50 Pastors in the last year and I can tell you that being involved in a coaching network that focuses on leadership makes all the difference.  

You can download the coaching application here: Download Coachingapp.  (Be warned: this is not for everyone. It's only for those who strongly desire to grow as a leader and lead a healthier church).