World Series Predictions Part 1

Bob FranquizGeneral

OK, I’m coming out and making my predictions for the world series.  I’ve said this since the beginning of the season that I believe the World Series will have the Florida Marlins representing the National League.  You might think that is a bit suspect since I live in Miami, but it’s what I think nonetheless.  Here’s why: 

NL East

Even though everyone is going crazy over the Nationals winning 10 in a row, it won’t hold up (Remember, the Devil dogs won something like 13 in a row last year and still ended up dead last in the AL East).  After the All-Star break is when things really get heated and teams that aren’t built for the post-season, like the Nationals, will fade.  The Braves have a good team, but not like in years past.  I believe this will be the year they DO NOT win the NL East.  Philly is on a roll (Not a cheese-steak joke), but they won’t be able to win the division having to play the Marlins, Braves, Mets, and Nationals 19 times each.  The Marlins have the pitching, great defense up the middle, probably the best lead-off hitter in the game, and the bats in the middle of the line-up that can get it done.  The bullpen is an area that needs help, but that’s where trades come in.   

NL Central
The winner of the NL Central is St. Louis.  They will win this division by AT LEAST 10 games.  Sorry Cubs fans.  Too many injuries.  On paper, this team is built to win, but with Wood, Prior, and Nomar down, Derrek Lee won’t carry this team all year.  (Consolation prize:  Derrek Lee wins the NL MVP for the monster year he is having).  They may have a run at the wild card, but having the play the Cardinals 19 times doesn’t help their situation.  But I’d love to see it happen. 

NL West
The NL West is surprising to me.  I thought LA would be playing better.  I don’t think the D-Backs are going to hold out.  They will drift off into .500 land soon enough.   The Dodgers are my NL West pick, but they have to have Eric Gagne healthy is they’re going to contend.  (Plus, Derek Lowe won game 4 of the World series last year, so I must give him props)

My wild card pick is Philadelphia.  I think San Diego has a chance and I owe much of my happiness in life to Dave Roberts, the man who stole second base in the 9th inning of game 4 of the ALCS (Which by the way is THE most underrated play of the entire 2004 post-season) and helped the Red Sox the World series last year. 

So here’s my post-season schedule: 

NLDS (St. Louis vs. Philadelphia)  Winner: St. Louis in 3 
         (Florida vs. Los Angeles) Winner: Florida in 4

NLCS  (St Louis vs. Florida) Winner: Florida in 6

Why will the Marlins beat the Cardinals?  1 word: pitching.  The Marlins’ starting pitching is insane.  The bullpen help will come by the trading deadline and that’s all she wrote…

If you disagree, let’s hear it!  But that’s my pick for the NL.  I’ll post my AL predictions later…