Odds and Ends

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My daughter is getting cuter by the day. I can’t wait to bring her to church on Sunday. Everyone is looking forward to seeing her and Carey.

My voice still isn’t 100%. I’m feeling OK, but not my normal “Bruce Willis in Unbreakable’ self. I need to get well before Sunday.

– Chris has 2 posts that echo what I’ve been thinking lately (post 1) (post 2)

Bryon’s post on relevance is great. Plus, you’ve got to love the stash! I wish I had Oz Fox’s hair ­čÖé

MMI had a great article on why Christians can be gullible at times. (I’ve been getting that Proctor and Gamble fax/ email for years)

New Linkin Park single on itunes. Amazing! It’s about time! We’re been drowning in mediocre music waiting for this to come out.

– The Red Sox won their first game yesterday against the lowly Royals. Today we’ll find out if $52 million was worth it for getting Dice-K.

– Will the world care when Barry Bonds breaks Hank Aaron’s Home run record? I don’t think so.