Odds and Ends

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A Few Thoughts:

– I love Scott’s post about how horrible the word “Neat” is. The word must be destroyed!

This game is absolutely awesome! It’s the kind of game the cast of The Office would come up with.

I played bass in our worship band on Sunday night. That was fun. It’s been a while. What’s funny is I talk about being in a band all the time (I had a record deal for crying out loud!) and yet people are still shocked that I know how to play an instrument. (No Milli Vanilli going on here)

– I’m making a prediction that the entire county Perry’s church is in will be attending Newspring by years’ end. That’s the pace anyway! It’s amazing what God’s doing there.

The Red Sox just committed $51.1 million to negotiate with Japanese Pitching phenom, Daisuke Matsuzaka. This makes me nervous. I hope he turns into Godzilla more than an albatross.

– Someone told me my band’s video was on YouTube. You can watch it here. This is back when I was a young man (22 years old). That was 11 long years ago.

John Mayer’s got a free concert on DirecTV for those that like good music. If you don’t, MTV is still available.

Backpack is awesome. I’m using it religiously. It’s organizing all of my work and I’m getting twice as much done in the same amount of time.

I’m TiVo’ing Star Trek reruns and it’s awesome. I know this takes me down a few notches in coolness. Don’t worry, I don’t own Spock ears, a Captain Kirk uniform, and I don’t speak Klingonese (And yes, I know that I’m still a nerd for knowing what that is).

My daughter is coming to live on our planet in 12 weeks and a day. That’s 85 days for those who aren’t so good at math. Mia, I’m preparing a place for you…