“No Joke” Sunday…

Bob FranquizChurch

Sunday was a blast…once it was over. It was one of those ‘hard teachings’ Sundays. This week in “Illusions”, our marriage series, I talked about sex, adultery, and pornography (I figured if I’m going to drop 1 bomb, why not drop 3?). I was amazed to hear that the CD’s were flying off the shelves. I figured the only people who would want the CD were those who hasn’t heard it and didn’t know any better. But people responded to the message.

It goes to show that people don’t want a watered down message. They just want a message they can understand. It doesn’t matter what you teach. At CF, we don’t shy away from teaching the hard stuff. I’ve taught Leviticus, Revelation, and a host of other topics that some might view as heavy. But we have always tried (even though sometimes we haven’t succeeded) to communicate in a way that connects with people. To us, anything less is unacceptable.