No New Believer Left Behind

Bob FranquizChurch

The major reason new believers fall through the cracks in churches isn't because leaders don't care. 

It's not because the friend who invited them don't care. 

The #1 reason new believers fall through the cracks is because there is no intentional plan to lead them from a decision for Jesus to becoming a disciple of Jesus. 

Peter Drucker said to start with the end in mind. The goal is want them to be mature. The key now is the develop an intentional process that leads them to maturity.  

I believe the greatest stewardship we are given is the stewardship of people – new believers in particular. That's why we need to have a system that can be easily managed and is effective.  

If you want our step by step process for following up and discipling new believers, check out our New Believer Follow Up System by clicking here