New Bloggers…Kind of…

Bob FranquizUncategorized

Well, they actually aren’t new bloggers. They are just new to my “cool blogs” section. I need to change that name. Can someone help me with a new name for that section of my blog?

Here are a few people I’ve added. I’m sure many of you know about these guys. For the six of you that don’t, then you’re in for a treat.

Steve McCoy – Steve is a fellow American Idol lover (that just sounded weird!) and keep me current on all the happenings of Calvinists throughout America.

Mark Driscoll – Pastor of a cool church that’s modeling the way for many of us up and comers. I like his insights on church and theology in general.

Kevin Cawley – Kevin is a cool guy that’s trying to talk me into buying Accordance software for my Mac (And he’s doing a pretty good job of selling me on it).

Brian McLaren – Great stuff. if nothing else, you can learn how to be really kind and diplomatic when responding to people who disagree with you! Brian is a master at this!