New Resource: How to Keep Those you Reach!

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Today we’re releasing a brand new resource entitled, “How to Keep Those You Reach: 16 Secrets for Closing the Back Door of Your Church”.

The age old question of ministry is, “How do we keep people from falling through the cracks?”

One of the most frustrating experiences in leading a church is seeing new people come in the front door…

… and then leave through the back door shortly after.

There was a season in my church’s history where we got stuck. We grew by only 10 people during a 2-year period.

We dug into the numbers and found that our problem was not getting newcomers to attend.

Our challenge was keeping the people we were reaching.

Here’s the reality: our back door was as big as our front door.

Let’s fast forward 10 years later…

Today, we keep 40% of every first time who walks through our doors.

The average church keeps 1 out of every 22 people.

Here’s why keeping those you reach is so important: Your church invests lots of resources in promotion to reach families in your community. Also, your congregation invests their own social capital to invite their friends, family, coworkers and classmates to your church.

When we fail to assimilate newcomers into our church, we miss the chance to disciple them and all the resources invested to reaching them are wasted.

If you’re a church that takes outreach seriously, then you’re investing a lot of dollars to reach those far from God in your community.

Why not invest in a system that gives you the greatest opportunity to close the back door of your church and help newcomers grow in their faith at your church?

Here’s the great news: We’ve taken everything we’ve learned about “closing the back door” and put it in an 5-CD resource called “How to Keep Those You Reach: 16 Secrets for Closing the Back Door of Your Church”.

This resource is jam packed with over 2 1/2 hours of audio content, plus videos and bonus resources to help you create a system that makes the
back door of your church almost disappear.

Imagine what your church would look like if you implemented the following:

  • Understanding the 1 thing that keeps people from taking their next spiritual step
  • Avoiding the cardinal sin of follow up (that most church staffs commit)
  • The 3 values that will calm the minds of new parents in your church
  • Learn to speak the language of first time guests
  • Knowing how to invest in people strategically
  • The 1 strategy that will double the data you gather from first time guests
  • Give the kinds of gifts that newcomers find irresistible (It’s not what you think)
  • The 3 “Magnets” that keep people at a church
  • Plus much more!

Your church can start growing today…

You simply need to close the back door of your church and keep those you’re reaching.

This resource will help you do just that!

How to Keep Those You Reach normally retails for $149.95, but this week you can pick up the download version for $99.95 when you use the code reach50.

So click here to secure your copy.



Bob Franquiz
Senior Pastor
Calvary Fellowship

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