New Resource: Getting Unstuck

Bob FranquizChurch

Last week we released a brand new resource entitled, “Getting Unstuck: Secrets to Avoiding Growth Barriers and Becoming an Unstoppable Church“. 

The response has been incredible!  This 5-CD resource is geared towards helping churches get unstuck and start growing again.

Here’s the description for the resource:

Getting Unstuck contains over 3 1/2 hours of teaching where I give you the tools you need to break through the barriers that are holding your back.

Finally! A resource for breaking growth barriers that eliminate hype and get churches growing again!

There’s nothing worse than feeling like your church stuck. It’s like getting caught in quicksand; the more you do to get unstuck seems to get you more stuck!

If you’re stuck, I want you to know that I feel your pain. Three years into our church plant we got stuck… for 2 years. I was depressed. We were called to reach our city and it just wasn’t happening.

I did what all the church experts, gurus and authors said to do and it only made matters worse.

Then I tried an unconventional approach to getting unstuck and it worked! Within a year our church doubled and we were back on the mission of reaching lost people again.

So I want to share with you the principles that got us unstuck and I believe they can get your church growing again.

Imagine learning the following skills: 

  • Learn how to turn growth barriers into speed bumps
  • Learn the 1 thing you can do right now to break beyond your current growth barrier
  • Discover what most churches do to get unstuck that actually get them twice as stuck!
  • The 6 pieces of internal data you absolutely must track to get your church to the next level
  • Why a high percentage of membership participation may be the reason you’re church isn’t growing
  • The 4 non-negotiable actions that keep you encouraged while you’re getting unstuck
  • The 5 types of books you need to read that will help you navigate beyond any growth barrier
  • The simple, most overlooked conversation you’re not having that’s keeping your church stuck

The bottom line is, your community needs your church to grow. There are too many people far from God who need your church to be growing and reaching out.

Getting Unstuck can help you take action and get out of the quicksand and on to the fast track.

You can pick up a copy of Getting Unstuck here.

P.S. If you’re interested in picking up a copy of Getting Unstuck, use the code unstuck20 to save $20 off the download version!