[New resource] Church Staffing Survival Guide

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Dear Pastor,

In the last 13 years of church planting and leadership, I’ve only had to fire 2 people. 

It is a painful experience I don’t wish on anyone.

Yet we’ve hired dozens of staff members over the years who have served well on our staff.

People want to know the secret sauce to effective staffing.

There are definitely keys to effective staffing in my experience…

Number 1 is hiring from within.

Talking to most pastors with staffing problems and the tale usually begins with, "Well, we hired this guy from this other church and…"



The other 3 keys I talk about in our newest Ebook, "The Church Staffing Survival Guide".





This Ebook contains all of my latest thinking on hiring and leading staff. 

In fact, here’s what I cover in this Ebook:

  • The #1 reason staff members don’t "fit" in your church’s culture
  • The 3 steps to every good hiring decision
  • How to give your staff the gift of clarity
  • The 1 type of person who is hardest to lead in your church
  • How to hire people you can’t afford
  • How to make your hiring decisions "dud" proof
  • Plus much more…

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There is literally no coaching community like Leadership Ninja.

Leadership Ninja gives you the relevant training to raise up leaders from within your church and the customized done for you resources to hit the ground running with what you’ve learned.

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Once you sign up, you’ll have the Church Staffing Survival Guide in your inbox and session one of Leadership Ninja ready for you to experience.

You can have a healthy staff that was raised up from within your church.

Let us help you get there.

See you on the inside…



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