New Coaching Opportunity!

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I talked about this in the newsletter this week, but I'm starting a new Leadership Coaching network for Senior Pastors in August.  It will be a 6-month tele-coaching network that focuses on the following topics: 

Session One: The Personal Development of the Senior Pastor 

Session Two: Church Governance  

Session Three: Developing other Leaders 

Session Four: Building an Effective Staff 

Session Five: Preaching for Life Change 

Session Six: Advanced Outreach Strategies  

You can pick up an application at:  

Just to give you an idea of the difference coaching makes, here's what a couple of guys had to say about their involvement in my current tele-coaching network:  

"Planting Discovery Church has been one of the most exciting and
challenging periods of my life. One of the best resources that I had access to
during this season has been Bob Franquiz and his coaching network. The topics
always addressed real pressing issues that I was either facing currently or
that were just around the corner. His willingness to share from both his vast
reading and own personal experience was highly valuable. I would, without any
hesitation, recommend Bob Franquiz and his coaching network…" – Lead Pastor in Indiana

coaching network has been worth far more than the cost. As a church planter the
cost of anything is a major factor. You owe it to yourself, the leadership God
has entrusted to you and you owe it to your church to invest in this coaching
network. The reality is we all need to hear from people who have been where we
are trying to go. Jump on this opportunity. Oh, by the way, I believe that the insight and
encouragement from this coaching network directly lead to our church being
supported by a church that probably would not have supported us had I
not learned the skills this network taught me (yes, the support to our church
was financially more than the cost of this coaching network). Trust me, it is
well worth it."  - Lead Pastor and Church Planter in CT

If you want to be part of this coaching experience, pick up an application at: