My New Book is Out!

Bob FranquizBooks

I thought it was going to take a little longer to get it, but my new book is out. It’s called Watermark and it’s an explanation of what baptism is.

It started out as a pamphlet on baptism and turned into about 50 pages on the subject. It’s got an introduction, the chapter “Watermark” from my Elements book, and an FAQ on baptism. 50 pages sounds like a lot, but the design gives the books a lot of breathing room.

We put Watermark together because we wanted everyone who gets baptized at our church to really understand what they’re doing. I’ve taught messages on baptism, but we offer baptism much more often than I preach on it. So we wanted to have a resource available.

When I first mentioned the book, I got several emails from people wanting multiple copies. If you still do, email me and I’ll make sure we will you a price that’s lower than the price.