My Week…

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I realized I haven’t blogged in almost a week, so here’s what’s been going on with me:

– We flew into Boston on Thursday evening and hung out at my sister’s house.

– Friday I taught an assimilation seminar in Hartford, CT. Just over 60 church leaders were there. It was a great time. I’m from New England, so helping leaders that want to reach this area of the US is very rewarding. Also, hanging out with my buddy Bill was a lot of fun.

– Saturday we drove into New York City and met up with Mark as we were going to the Journey on Sunday. We ate at Carmine’s (arguably, the best Italian food in America).

– Had a great time this weekend at the Journey in NYC. They were very kind to show us their A/V set up and it was great to see a church that’s very similar to ours. Nelson taught a great message and it was great to hang with him for a bit.

– After the weekend in in NYC we drove back to Boston where I met with a couple of church planters. Very excited for them!

– Today is a day off where we’re going to hang out with my older brother and sister (I need to pick up some new Red Sox gear while I’m here) and try to catch a Sox game if the weather doesn’t foil our plans 🙂

– While I haven’t blogged much, I’ve been pretty consistent twittering. You can follow me here if you’re so inclined 🙂