My Week…

Bob FranquizChurch

Here's a snapshot into what my week is going to look like…

Monday: I'm spending the morning trying to finish up this renovation to my office.  I'm loving how it's tuning out. It needed it.  The books were pushing me out 🙂 Then spending the afternoon with the usual battery of meetings.  

Tuesday: The newsletter is going out.  Plus, we're rolling out a brand new resource called, "How to Make Every Sunday Like Easter".  You can sign up for the newsletter here

Wednesday: Study day.  I'm trying to get a week ahead in my message prep.  Praying it's fruitful.     

Thursday: Video shoot for CFBackstage, then some studying in the afternoon. 

Friday: Taking my girls out of town for a couple of days.  This is going to be our last trip before my son is born in July!  

Hope you have a great week!