My Week…

Bob FranquizChurch

Here's a little insight into what's happening my life this week: 

Monday – I'm starting to redo my office.  I'm losing my office at home since it's being turned into my son's room.  So my work office now needs to house all of my books! Plus, I have the usual battery of afternoon meetings.  

Tuesday – The newsletter is going out.  You can subscribe here if you want to get it.  

Wednesday – I'm studying all day.  Hoping to finalize my message for Sunday on Revelation 6.  

Thursday – This is one of my favorite days of the month.  Today is my church planter tele-coaching network.  I'll be investing in an amazing group of high potential church leaders from all over the country. (If you're interested in when my next coaching network starts, send me an email here)

Friday – I'll be enjoying some time with my family (and probably doing a little bit of painting in my son's room). 

Have a great week!