My Experience as “The Karate Kid”

Bob FranquizLeadership

I have always been fascinated by martial arts. 

I grew up watching Bruce Lee flicks and all of the ninja films that came out in the 80’s. 

Just because I had seen all the movies I thought I could win in a fight until… I got my gluteus maximus kicked (gasp) by a bully in my neighborhood. 

That’s when I enrolled in karate classes and everything changed. 

I learned how to defend myself and the next time that kid came around looking to mess with me… let’s just say it’s didn’t work out so well for him (insert goulish laugh here – bwahahaha!)

Lots of Pastors are getting “beat up” over not having enough leaders. It’s limiting their churches and not allowing their congregations to reach full maturity in Christ. 

That’s why I’m launching the Leadership Ninja coaching network on October 12th. 

It’s a 6-month coaching network that meets monthly via coaching webinar and gives you over $500 in bonus resources (plus lots of other goodies). 

This “dojo” of leadership development is going to give you everything you need to build a leadership development system in your church.

I just announced this yesterday and there are only 18 16 spots left. 

So if you’re interested, grab your nunchucks and head over to