My 2 Christmas Predictions for your Church

Bob FranquizChurch

Everyone loves predictions. Sports.Political.Weather.

And while I am neither a prophet nor Miss Cleo (10 points if you remember her), I do know something that will certainly be true for you and your church this Christmas season.

So here are my 2 Christmas predictions for churches…

Prediction #1: Churches who invest in outreach will continue to reach people 

Outreach is never an expense; it’s always an investment. Churches who see direct mail, Facebook ads, Google adwords, placement ads or any other form of marketing as an expense will usually go cheap and reach very few people.

Prediction #2: Pastors who learn new skills will grow their churches and reach their communities 

After coaching more than 200 Pastors, I can tell you that the Pastors who invest in their own education grow larger churches and reach more people.

Unfortunately, many leaders will keep “plugging along” and take the road to nowhere and wonder why their church doesn’t grow and why they never reach unchurched people.

In contrast, check out the email I got this week from Outreach Ninja member Andrew Winburn:

“We are strictly using what you are teaching and we doubled our size on our second ‘mini-Easter’ on 10/30. This was after a triple size growth after our first one in July. It has been fun and challenging to do followup and baptism from these outreach services.” 

I’m not saying you’ll get the same results Andrew got, but Outreach Ninja churches grow.

In our December coaching session, I’m going to show you how we’ve seen over 1,000 unchurched people make first time decisions in the last 18 months.

So invest in yourself and your church and test drive Outreach Ninja for the next 30 days for 50% off the normal monthly investment. 

Plus, you receive $695.71 in bonus resources when you join.

So head over to www.outreachninja.comtestdrive

Happy Thanksgiving!