MTV Video Music Awards Review

Bob FranquizUncategorized

I have to tell you, since I was watching the Video Music Awards, this year was one of the weakest lineups I’ve seen. I remember the year Metallica opened the show (that was a great year) or the year Blink 182 closed things out. But this year was kind of lame. I was wondering, where were the Foo Fighters who have a new album that’s selling well; where was Jason Mraz; where was Dave Matthews; where was Switchfoot who have a new album coming out next month? I’m a hip hop fan, but this was a bit too much for me. I mean “Drop it like it’s hot” came out almost a year ago and still Snoop Dogg performed. It doesn’t make sense. Green Day was great. I would have played “American Idiot” because it’s a better opening song, but it was still good.

The host: Diddy was lame. Chris Rock was a great host. Diddy was trying to be to cool. I think no one had the heart to tell him that it’s over. “Anything can happen” – was anybody moved by this? He gave out a watch.

My favorite moments were when Beavis and Butthead came on the screen. So here’s my idea: Have Beavis and Butthead host the show next year! Then get some good rock bands to play the show.

Am I missing anything?