Mother’s Day Service

Bob FranquizChurch

Today was completely off the hook! The place was buzzin! The people were excited. The place was packed to the gills! Mark and the band did a great job! I felt good about my message. I did cry when I started talking about my wife, but I can’t help that. She’s just amazing!

We did free family portraits and there were over 100 families that got their pictures taken! Some families couldn’t wait that long and had to leave, but were still kind enough to thank me for the gesture. I think some families waited over 2 hours after the service ended to get their pictures taken. Mad props to my boy Oscar who has been doing this since the beginning.

Now while this idea is nowhere close to new, it has been a great opportunity to get entire families to come to church on Mother’s Day and it also give the men an opportunity to see the church giving as opposed to their general impression of churches always begging for money.

We had a great time! We finished our Polaroid series, which several people said was the best series we’ve ever done. I was happy to hear that, except when I was driving home I was thinking about how in the world I was going to top it!