Mother’s Day

Bob FranquizChurch

I hope you have a big Mother's Day outreach planned. We have found that Mother's Day can be one of the biggest Sundays of the year if you promote it the right way. 

Here's a few ways to make Mother's Day "Easter-Like": 

1. Promote internally – Let your congregation know that this is a great day to invite family and friends. 

2. Give them a "hook" to invite – every year we do Mother's Day portraits. I know this isn't an original idea, but it has paid huge dividends for us as Mother's Day is a huge evangelistic day for us. 

3. Direct Mail – This is a great Sunday to promote outside of your church and invite people to attend. We have had great success using direct mail for Mother's Day. 

4. Facebook – This has been another great opportunity to reach families. With 400 million people on Facebook, there's plenty of people to reach. 

5. Preaching – I love starting a new series of teachings on Mother's day. I'm not this year (I'm teaching "Honor your father and mother" in our Ten Words series), but usually I start a new message series on Mother's Day. 

The time to prepare for Mother's Day is now. So make this Mother's Day a big win for your church. 

For learn more about how to create mini-Easters throughout the year, check out our resource, "How to Make Every Sunday Like Easter" by clicking here.