Mother’s Day Facebook

Bob FranquizChurch

If you're going to do a Mother's Day outreach, I would highly recommend that you use Facebook ads to let those in your community know about your Mother's Day services. 

We do free Mother's Day portraits every year, so here are 4 types of ads we are going to have and you should consider having as well:

1. An ad for Parents – Families go to church on Mother's Day because mom wants to be there with her whole family. This ad is a great way to let families know what you're doing. 

2. An ad for Moms – Remember, it's Mother's Day. That means moms get whatever they want. And if they want to try out a church that's giving away free family photos, then that's what the family is doing. 

3. An ad for a free 8×10 photo – This is a more general ad we do that lets people know we're a church that's giving away free photos for families. 

4. Ads for friends of those in our Calvary group – We love to use the "Friends of Connections" feature that Facebook offers. This way we can target the friends of those who are on our Calvary fan page. 

I believe that Facebook is a great place to reach people in your community who don't know Jesus and invite them to your church. 

For a complete resource that details our Facebook strategy and how your can get great results from Facebook, pick up a copy of our resource "Digital Evangelism" by clicking here.