Mother’s Day Direct Mail

Bob FranquizChurch

If you're planning to do direct mail for Mother's Day, here's a few things to consider: 

1. Your copy matters – Focus on the benefits of attending, but just the features of your services (i.e. a feature is: batteries included. A benefit is, "Ready to play with right out of the box".)

2. Don't focus only on moms – Speaking of copy, just because it's Mother's Day don't speak just to moms. Remember that adults with parents are going to read it as well. Husbands of moms with young children will read it as well.  

3. Be clear it's a church – One of the mistakes churches make in direct mail is being unclear they are a church. That shouldn't be a mystery when someone gets a piece of direct mail from you. 

4. Promote your event – If you're doing Free Mother's Day portraits, be bold about it. Let them know about it, It's a great "hook" to capture people's attention. By the way, FREE is a word that gets everyone's attention. 

5. Narrow your scope – Don't mail to everyone. Narrow your list so you aren't mailing to people who wouldn't be interested. Maybe pick an age group to focus on or get a list of people with children. Just don't mail to everyone. It's a waste of money and it limit your effectiveness. 

6. Mail to your house list – Don't assume that everyone who attends your church knows what's happening at your church. Many churches don't mail to their database and they miss out on reaching infrequent attenders. (This principle alone will boost your Mother's Day turnout)

There's plenty more to say about effective direct mail. For a resource that contains our whole Direct Mail philosophy and strategy, pick up a copy of 'Direct Mail Secrets" by clicking here